Our Backgrounds

You can pick a digital background – FREE of charge!


Background Options

With each package, you are purchasing, you can pick an individual background. All pictures are hand-edited with your choice! This is why your kids can wear all colours, even if your favorite outfit is green! Some companies ask you not to wear green, because the editing will be processed automatically and therefore the pictures are taken in front of a bright green background ("green box")

Service for Parents

Parents really appreciate how we interact with the children to get their most natural smile. Is your child not a big smiler?
No problem: we will catch his personality. After years of experience, we have found that working with two professional, kid-friendly photographers at a time provide enough space and time to help each child feel comfortable.

We provide parents:

• A printed color proof sheet
• ONLINE Access to each child’s proof
• An order form with a pricelist of the packages offered
• Examples of the European-themed and popular digital backgrounds  you can choose FREE OF CHARGE
• All pictures are individually edited with the chosen background(s) – we touch-up stains in clothes or spots on skin FREE OF CHARGE
• Photos are delivered through the school, in envelopes with a cardboard backing to avoid bending.

Our Triple-Win-Mission


PTSAs need a successful photo event for their fundraiser.

Diane Krueger is making her living from School Photo sales.

Two reasons why Diane and her team are working for an enduring partnership with the PTSA board to guarantee for Best Service and put all our effort in high revenues.

PTSAs and Diane Krueger have the same customers: the Parents!

“Take the money and run” is NOT our Philosophy: Minimum of effort for middle-rate results in sales & customers happiness...



Diane Krueger’s commitment is  a TRIPLE-WIN MISSION :

* Parents will be happy to have spent their money to support a great PTSA activity! * PTSAs have started the new school year with an effective fundraiser! * Diane Krueger and her team are excited to share the parents’ happiness!

Diane Krueger and her team are going to accomplish this mission with each single portrait!




Highly appreciative parents, who never expected such results from a School Portait

Happy Grandparents, who can't await the next photo set from their Grand Children growing up abroad

High Revenues for all co-workers: the PTSA &  Diane Kruger Photography



 The High Qality product we offer has higher manufacturing costs during photo sessions, editing and controlling. This is why we may offer a lower commission than our competitors.

Basically the commission is a matter of negotiation.

When you offer a better product to parents, they will gladly purchase more packages... ...and a commission of 25% for PTSA turns out to be more than a 35% commission...

Please feel free to ask for numbers in a personal meeting!

Comparison to others

When meeting in person, we can talk about the important parameters for a successfull fundraiser and a most valuable product. Parents & kids can pick more than one background, and will receive the most handworked school portrait they can get!

Below you find some key functions, that differ our services from other companies.


PTSAs, PTOs & Parent Advisory Boards

School photography is the most important fundraiser your group will tackle this year!

With my team, you have a strong partner dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals while ensuring parents are thrilled with a precious keepsake of their children. 

Contact us for more information and customized pricelists.

We are happy to come to your location for a personal presentation for your PTO/PTSA board to introduce our products, mission & service (without obligation). 

Our school packages include the following:

  • • Personal meetings with photo chairperson to determine procedures and timelines that meet your needs
  • • Customized flyers & posters for Picture Day announcements 
  • • Digital announcement files for use on your school’s or group’s  social media pages
  • • Printed order forms with color proofs to send to parents as well as online access to proofs
  • • Color flyers of the European-themed and popular digital backgrounds  you can choose FREE OF CHARGE
  • • Picture orders are delivered personally, sorted by grade and class for easy distribution
  • • Spreadsheet of orders provided in Microsoft Excel, sorted by grades/classes/filenames for your records

We are dedicated to working with you throughout the process and constantly check in with you to adjust and optimize our services based on new ideas or requests from you regarding workflow, packages, backgrounds or any issue that may come up.  We are here for you!

Yearbook support or full-service yearbooks are available with our professional media designers.

Ask us for more information.