Our Backgrounds

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About Diane & her Team

Diane's  family is proud to be serving the US Armed Forces since 1945!

When she started serving American Schools a few years ago, with her digital backgrounds  and her experience as portrait photographer she has set new standards for quality and variety in the segment of School Photography.

Diane Krueger has achieved the German  „Master of photography“, she has worked 10  years as a stills photographer at the movies, then started her Portrait Studio in her home town Giebelstadt in 2000.


The  Team 

We are a small team, working close together, focusing on a maximum of quality in our pictures, considering our work as a professional portrait and not as a mass product.

My  photographers  Colette and Sarah have studied Photography for three years and have experience in working as professional photographers. They put all their heart and brightness in getting the kids relaxed and giving happy smiles as good as it gets!

Sarah and my co-worker Sue have achieved their Master of Arts after studying Media Design. Beside their performance in my team, they work as freelancers for any kinds of media advertisment.

Assistant Christine has been working as R&D lab assistant at Wuerzburg University Hospital, before she became mother of two sons. Now I am happy to have her skills as my archive manager on location and photographer at the studio in Giebelstadt.

In  the office my sister Marion is managing the workflow, organizing the incoming orders and coordinating the correspondence with the customers.  Before she became mother of two kids she has been working as a trilingual personal assistant, managing a big law firm in Munich.